Sleep – Optimising Your Chiropractic Care

Sleep – Optimising Your Chiropractic Care

At The Chiro Clinic we are dedicated to getting you out of pain as quickly as possible and then keeping you out of pain and enjoying life to it’s best. We do that with a thorough assessment and the subsequent treatment combined with exercise and lifestyle advice provided by your chiropractor. This article discusses what I consider to be a…

How to make home exercises your friend

    Recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I can inspire patients with back pain to be more consistent with their strengthening exercises. Most of us understand that strengthening your back with specific exercises from your chiropractor or physio is important in order correct the underlying reason for why you got the back problem in…

Autumn Errands

The first signs of the leaves turning from green to golden brown, the shortening daylight hours and the beginnings of a chill in the air all signal that autumn is indeed beginning to arrive. In fact the The Autumn Equinox (the first day of autumn), has just passed us by three days, officially bringing us into the season. With all…

The Ideal Driving Position

The days are getting brighter and subsequently feeling longer, & gradually the weather is improving, thus the British Springtime is on its way, & for many that means it is time for some trips and holidays.  Now whether that be a trip within the Great British Isles or overseas, both can involve long car journeys.
So in light of this we here at The Chiro Clinic we have constructed some tips that can help minimise the strain of  driving on your lower back as well as other areas so you can make the most of your time away.

Chiropractic Awareness Week: 14-18th April

April 14-18th 2014 is Chiropractic Awareness Week (CAW) and this year the focus is on spinal pain in the younger generation.
Back and neck pain is often associated with the ageing population. However new research from the British Chiropractic Association has revealed that in the UK 40% of 11-16 year olds have already suffered with neck or back pain. Of these, 15% cited the use of a tablet, laptop or computer to be the reason for the neck pain.

The best mattress & sleep position for your back

The Challenge of selecting the correct mattress for you.
In the above statement the emphasis is heavily placed on the “correct mattress for you”, we here at The Chiro Clinic are frequently asked for advise on selecting new mattresses. However if we are completely honest there is no one correct answer for everyone, therefore we have put together this information to help guide you in determining which mattress is the best for you.

How can Chiropractic help you with exercise?

1. Training too often – Overtraining is a common reason for fatigue, lack of recovery and can ultimately lead to injury.  Be patient and avoid training too much too soon.
We see 2 main groups that this affects – in different ways.  The first group are those just starting exercise and the second those that are training for an event.  Especially in the New Year, you have made that commitment, you want to get on and see results.  If you are starting out, remember that your body is not used to this and tolerance and fitness will take time to build.
It is a common misconception that gains are made in the gym.  Training in the gym is what initiates the gains, but your body adapts in the recovery period.  Therefore no recovery, no gains but worse still, increased fatigue and stress on your body and you and the increased likelihood of injury.  What is recovery?  Time off from training, good hydration, good nutrition and good sleep.  Take advantage of the optimal hour after training when your body is craving goodness.  There are many energy drinks on the market, but after years of elite experience, Dave Billows, ex-Everton S&C recommends a milk and banana smoothie and lets face it, he knows his stuff!


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