All our chiropractors are qualified to Masters Degree level and we are the only Wirral clinic where this is the case.  This is the highest UK standard of Chiropractic Qualification.

We utilise a number of different chiropractic treatment techniques within our remit and some of these our Lead Practitioners lecture in at a Postgraduate Level.  Our techniques include;

Manipulation – A technique we lecture in
Manipulation is the mainstay treatment on Chiropractic.  It is an extremely skilled technique and takes 4 years at an undergraduate level to perfect.  We mainly use Diversified Technique which focusses on achieving a specific and localised joint manipulation.  Manipulation should never be painful.  It is safe and when used appropriately it can achieve fantastic relief for you.  We will only use it where appropriate, we always use manipulation with other treatment techniques to achieve the best results for you and we only use it where you are happy with this.  We have many techniques at our disposal and we can always use others if you are at all unsure about manipulation.

IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation) – A technique we lecture in
IASTM is where a rigid, hand-held instrument is utilised to deliver treatment to the soft tissues.  This can increase specificity, sensitivity, produce improved results and be used with functional treatment techniques.  Sometimes this is used synonymously with Graston Technique but although our Lead Chiropractor Donna Strachan was Graston’s European and UK lecturer, in the clinic we use Kinnective instruments.  Donna developed the Kinnective with 2 other IASTM lecturers and currently teaches with this instrument in the UK and Europe.  Donna has consulted and lectured with IASTM for England RFU, England FA and British Athletics to name a few. For more information visit the Kinnective website at

Taping Technique – A technique we lecture in
Donna and Leigh were approached to lecture in the UK and Europe with Taping Techniques at a PostGraduate level.  In addition to this, Donna developed a conceptual taping model with fellow chiropractor Ulrik Sandstrom and set up “Total Taping”.  Donna and Ulrik teach Nationally and Internationally with this course. For more information visit the Total Taping website at

We also utilise Drop Technique, Blocking, Activator and Dry Needling/Western Acupuncture

As a team, we are focused on providing you with the very best of care and if you have any questions about any of the techniques we use, please call to speak to one of our practitioners. You can call our Wirral Clinic on 0151 6485000.