Lead Practitioners

Hello and Welcome to the Clinic! We are Lead Physiotherapist Leigh Halfteck and Lead Chiropractor Donna Strachan.


We have over 30 years of hands on, practical experience between us. We have used that time well and achieved an awful lot in that time. Our goal is always to push ourselves to become better practitioners so we can achieve better results for you, our patient.

Sports Experience;

We both worked at the London 2012 Olympics which

was an amazing experience both professionally and personally. We both worked within the Athletes Village, Leigh worked with Team GB as GB Taekwondo Lead Physiotherapist and I worked as a Chiropractor in the Athletes Village Polyclinic which means I treated athletes from all sports and all countries. Post Olympics, Leigh moved to British Athletics fulfilling his ambitions in sport. He worked there till family life meant a move home to the Wirral though he still treats for British Athletics from our Liverpool Clinic. In 2014 Leigh worked at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games as part of Team England and in 2015 I worked in the Athletes Village at the Inaugural European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. As well as providing fantastic clinical experiences, we love sport as we get to work with other great practitioners and push ourselves and our skill levels further.

Our lead practitioners representing Physiotherapy & Chiropractic at the London 2012 Olympics


The first technique I lectured in was IASTM with Graston Technique. I then progressed to FAKTR which was the original sports module for Graston and lectured with these companies in the UK and Europe. At the same time I was approached by the EIS (English Institute of Sport) to run courses on manipulation for them. During this time I developed my own IASTM instrument and was asked to teach with this to England RFU and a number of

clubs, EIS, the IRU at Bisham Abbey and Athletics. This led to me setting up Kinnective with two of my teaching colleagues, Katherine Pearce and Mike Chisholm and we now run courses between the 3 of us for Kinnective. For more information, visit the Kinnective website at www.kinnective.co.uk

At this time Leigh was developing a specific technique to release nerves where they became irritated as they run along their peripheral pathways. He developed this as Neural Interface Technique (NIT) which has been readily and widely received. Leigh teaches this technique at a postgraduate level to Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists.

Leigh and I have both taught taping technique. I teach

“Total Taping” with my Chiropractic Colleague Ulrik Sandstrom which is a conceptual approach to taping involving all different kinds of tape. This has been a very successful course and we are delighted to be teaching it to an expanding audience of practitioners. Recently we were invited to showcase this technique at the COPA EXPO at the London Excel. For more information, visit our website at www.totaltaping.co.uk

Lecturing at the Royal London Ballet with Kay and Mike for Kinnective
Leigh and I both lecturing at St George’s Park

Making Experience Count!

30 years in practice is amazing – but we think what you do with that time is equally important. Both Leigh and I want

to be the very best that we can be. A great mentor and friend, Lead EIS Physiotherapist Ian Horsley once told Leigh to have goals. “Always have a goal” he advised “Whether you realise it or not, that goal will shape the decisions you make”. If you don’t have clear goals you don’t have a clear path. We have a clear goal for our clinic and that is to be a clinic that gets results for our patients. So how do you achieve that? Well you certainly don’t achieve it by working in your own clinic. You have to get out there, work with other practitioners, expose yourself to new ideas, techniques and thinking. If you don’t compare yourselves to other in your field how do you even know how good you are? Leigh and I both found that Sport is a key platform in which to assess yourself and your abilities. In sport you have to achieve results. And

everything is measured so you really can see the impact you have made. In addition to this you have to answer to the lead physiotherapist, the team doctor, the coach and usually more. So you need to know your stuff and you need to get results. The other way Leigh and I have found that makes sure you improve and get results is through lecturing. Although we both lecture at undergraduate level, we predominantly lecture at post-graduate level. This means we are lecturing to our peers. To people who are in practice, who are experienced, who can have more experience than us, so again you really need to know your stuff. In all my years of practice, nothing focuses the mind quite like lecturing. It means you really need to have a thought through process and a sound clinical rationale. If you don’t understand your clinical process and logic you cannot explain it to others.

Fundamentally this is only important if it makes us better practitioners. Personally I have no doubt that it has. I also know that it is very rare to have 2 people working so closely together in such common goals and we both know that this is a very special working environment to have. The people you surround yourself with have an impact on you for sure. We have both a great team within the clinic and also a great many friends and colleagues outside our clinic who inspire, educate and push us to be our best. And that is what we strive to be.

Presenting Total Taping at COPA with Ulrik
Teaching IASTM in Norway
Leigh teaching NIT for the ACPSEM