Our Approach is Simple – We get Results for You!

Reducing your symptoms is the essential first step; maintaining your improvement is the goal.  This is a skilled task, particularly with acute pain.  It takes precision and experience to achieve this and at The Chiro & Physio Clinic we are extremely unusual in expecting results within your treatment session!  Relief within the session would seem the logical thing to achieve but research also shows that achieving pain relief within your treatment session is linked with increased improvements between treatment sessions.

Many people are told “No Pain, No Gain” and whilst this may be the case sometimes, it is not the case in the acute pain setting.  Our practitioners will clearly explain to you that pain during treatment should be “Good Pain”  That is the kind that feels like a nice release or that it’s “Getting on the spot”.  Any pain which feels sharp, excessive or you are not comfortable you MUST tell your practitioner about.  It is very important that treatment works within the limits of your tolerance.  Otherwise treatment will be too much for you and will not achieve the best results.

Depending on your symptoms, their severity, how long you have had them, your lifestyle and of course your choice, there are different approaches to treatment that will be appropriate for you.  At the Chiro & Physio Clinic we approach your symptoms with a clear plan and effective treatment.  We are results based and we assess outcomes specific to you.



The first thing to ascertain is if physical therapy is appropriate for you.  Thorough assessment and examination and required to make an accurate diagnosis and this determines appropriate treatment.  Where you are not appropriate for treatment, we will direct you appropriately.  This may mean going back to your GP or specialist referral.  We work frequently with local GP’s in requesting imaging, blood tests and consultant referral on your behalf.  This is because we undertake a thorough history and we make appropriate requests backed up by relevant clinical findings.  Sometimes referral on will occur in conjunction with treatment.  This ensures that whilst you are receiving the best of care, if you require further intervention at a later stage, no time is lost in the process.


During your treatment session, your practitioner will find a movement or posture that you are having problems with and this is checked at the beginning and end of each session.  We expect immediate results.  This is important as it lets us know that we are targeting the right tissues in the right way.  Being able to positively impact your symptoms is the essential first step.  If this doesn’t happen, improvement will not follow and so making quick changes is extremely important.  Relief within the session is not easy to achieve – it takes a skilled practitioner who knows what they are doing to achieve relief from acute pain within a treatment session; but this is what you can expect with us.



This is Maintaining Improvement.  There can be a number of reasons why your improvement from treatment does not last or “hold” as we often call it.  If you have a simple problem that has not been there long and you are otherwise fit and healthy, getting you out of pain is enough and your body will do the rest.  However, if you have a chronic (long term) problem you may require strengthening, re-patterning or postural correction.  Sometimes your Pain/Spasm Cycle can be so severe and established (if you have had severe pain for a long time) that it is difficult to break this pattern.  We use a number of different approaches to gain sustained relief for you.  This ranges from specific exercises and home advice to taping techniques or bracing.  Sometimes we will work in conjunction with your GP as medication can help to break this cycle also.  Very importantly, we recognise when pain recurs due to an underlying cause.  This can vary hugely from Osteoarthritic changes or Disc Herniations to Thyroid Deficiency or Polymyalgia Rheumatica.  Seeing a qualified and experienced practitioner is essential for any underlying issues to be detected.  Every individual is different and getting the best and quickest results for everyone is an extremely skilled task.  Our practitioners achieve this with clear goal setting, clear expectations and constant reassessment. 



When you have achieved symptomatic relief and this is maintained, there are a number of different options that can be relevant to you and may suit you.  You can discuss these with your practitioner and find the appropriate and best solution for you.

  • Discharged from Care – Where you have no previous history or your problem was short lived and you have no underlying structural changes or weakness, this is the path for you.  This is obviously the best result and the end goal we would like to achieve for everyone!
  • Specific Exercise Rehabilitation – Where you have weakness, asymmetry of strength or poor muscle patterning, we would recommend that you undergo SER.  This can occur within the clinic or at the Underground Training Station where you will have full access to weights and CV equipment.  Your practitioner and SER trainer will discuss the best option for you.  When it is required for you, SER is the best way to achieve full symptomatic resolution but it is the best way to protect you long term from the negative impact of symptomatic recurrence and biomechanical dysfunction.
  • SER & Treatment – Where you have weakness, asymmetry of strength or poor muscle patterning in addition to chronic and longstanding pain, central sensitisation or underlying structural changes i.e. Disc Herniations, Osteoarthritic Changes or Scoliosis you may well require treatment alongside your exercises.  Spacing between treatment sessions and long term treatment will depend on how well you progress with the exercises (this is predominantly determined by your compliance with your exercise routine) and how severe your other complications are.  It is very important to emphasise that our role is only to inform and advise you as to the best option for you.  Whatever your choice is, we will be there to provide the treatment that you require.  Ultimately the only thing that matters is that you are happy with your care.
  • Maintenance Treatment – Treatment that occurs on an ongoing basis is called “Maintenance”.  Just like you have your car MOT’d and you brush your teeth daily to look after them, some people find that regular sessions allow them to continuing functioning pain free.  This allows you to live your life to the fullest.  It is also extremely important to avoid recurrent episodes of pain – particularly extreme pain – as the impact of the on the body is accumulative over time.  This is usually the case when you have had a chronic problem or you have significant underlying structural issues, i.e. significant wear and tear or scoliosis.  These sessions can occur from as close together as every month to as far apart as 6 months.  It all depends on what works best for you.