Caldy Rugby Club are Promoted

Congratulations Caldy Rugby Club on promotion written by Leigh Halfteck Lead Physiotherapist   Caldy Rugby club has been promoted, Chiropractor James Adam and Physiotherapist Leigh Halfteck covered the game working pitch side. I want to explain what it is like to work behind the scenes of a rugby club. I have worked for a number… Read more

Motivation to do Exercise

Written by Mathilde Opsvik   Recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I can inspire clients with back pain to be more consistent with their strengthening exercises. Most of us understand that strengthening your back with specific exercises from your chiropractor or physio is important in order correct the underlying reason… Read more

Lazy Bum

Written by Mathilde Opsvik As a chiropractor, the painful condition I see most often in practise is lower back pain. Sometimes this back pain has come as a result of a one-time trauma such as being involved in a road traffic accident or lifting something ridiculously heavy, however most of the time low back pain… Read more

Tension Headaches

Written by Mathilde Opsvik A problem frequently encountered in the clinic is headaches associated with pain and restriction of the neck and shoulders. We call these ‘tension headaches’. Tension headaches can be caused by tightness in the muscles at the back of the neck and over the scalp. The underlying causes include anything which makes… Read more

What is Fascia


Written by Cat Conroy There are different types of fascia in the body. Fascia is defined as ‘a thin sheath of fibrous tissue that surrounds muscles and other organs’.   Superficial Fascia This type of fascia lies just beneath the skin, it is responsible for giving the body its final shape, it also binds the… Read more