Its all downhill from here, Ensure you’re slope ready

Olympic skier

Written by James Adam Over the last few weeks I’ve been hearing about people heading off or planning amazing holidays to the slopes. So after the holiday is booked and you’ve dug out your salopettes from the loft so you’re good to go, am i right? Wrong. Unless you’re going to plonk yourself in front… Read more

Helping with Spine Health – Scoliosis

Written by Ceri Ann Jones The rule of three struck this week in the clinic, three patients with scoliosis had appointments on three successive days and three separate scoliosis stories came to my attention. However there was a reason; the visits coincided with a bit of sunshine. As Brits we have to take advantage of… Read more

A Physio’s Perspective on his own Lower Back Disc Injury

“Sometimes it is easy to empathise with your patients when you have experienced exactly what they have been through” Ian is one of the Physiotherapists working in Liverpool. He has been kind enough to share his experience. Most People Have Heard of a Herniated Disc, But What Exactly Is It? A herniated lumbar disc is… Read more

Congratulations Sophie Tarver


  Sophie recently achieved her Personal Best at the 800m Now she has Won a Bronze Medal at the U20 women’s 800m Northern Championships. Congratulations Sophie and Keeping it going!!!!