Congratulations Mal Balmer

Person running

Mal who overcame a longstanding injury has had a great season so far. Topping this off with a GB age group selection.   Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, huge congratulations!!!!

Congratulations Adrian

A massive congratulations to Adrian who overcame his injury and completed London in an awesome 2:43

Sleep – Optimising Your Chiropractic Care

Person sleeping

At The Chiro Clinic we are dedicated to getting you out of pain as quickly as possible and then keeping you out of pain and enjoying life to it’s best. We do that with a thorough assessment and the subsequent treatment combined with exercise and lifestyle advice provided by your chiropractor. This article discusses what… Read more

How to make home exercises your friend

    Recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I can inspire patients with back pain to be more consistent with their strengthening exercises. Most of us understand that strengthening your back with specific exercises from your chiropractor or physio is important in order correct the underlying reason for why you… Read more

Autumn Errands

The first signs of the leaves turning from green to golden brown, the shortening daylight hours and the beginnings of a chill in the air all signal that autumn is indeed beginning to arrive. In fact the The Autumn Equinox (the first day of autumn), has just passed us by three days, officially bringing us… Read more