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IMG_2225These statistics were taken from retrospective patient analysis at The Chiro & Physio Clinic from the patients of Lead Practitioners Donna Strachan ad Leigh Halfteck.

We looked at 3 separate times chosen at random and then assessed the files of 100 consecutive patients starting from the chosen date.  This was therefore 50 patients from Donna’s patient cohort and 50 from Leighs.

Each patient was submitted into 3 categories which were;

  • Patient experienced improvement of preventing symptoms
  • Patient experienced no change
  • Patient experienced worsening of presenting symptoms

If you present with neck pain and you experience pain on turning your head to the right, we would use “Right Cervical (neck) Rotation” as your OM and we would note if it was painful, restricted or both.

During each treatment visit with every practitioner you will undergo “Outcome Measure” (OM) testing.  This means that prior to the onset of your treatment we will find a marker, specific to you which indicates the level of your symptoms.  These are usually pain mediated and may be quite simple.  Here are some examples;

  • If you are suffering from a lumbar disc and you feel leg pain on bending forwards, we will note at what angle and to what extent and this will be your OM

After you have received treatment, your OM will be rechecked.  Then you will be asked; “Does that feel worse, better or the same?” – and you are then placed in the category of 1-3 listed above.  If you are unsure, that’s a “no change”

Looking at the results from our Lead Practitioners from the 3 different cohorts of patients we found the following;

Date 1)  98% Improved, 2% no change, 0% worse

Date 2)  95% Improved, 5% no change, 0% worse

Date 3)  99% Improved, 1% no change, 0% worse

Adding these 3 together and dividing by 3 gave us 97.3% which was rounded to 97%.

This means that in these cases, 97% of our patients at clinic who received treatment from our Lead Practitioners experienced improvement from their symptoms within their treatment session!!  We are sure you will agree that these are phenomenal statistics and although we were pretty sure before we did this that we had good results even we didn’t expect them to be this good!

Our lead practitioners pride themselves on getting results for all their patients and are driven to achieve for you and help others do the same.  That is why they lecture so extensively, and why they are so good at what they do.

If you would like to start your improvement, please contact us at our Wirral Clinic on 0151 6485000 or at Liverpool on 0151 4275000.  Alternatively you can email us at enquiries@chiro&