Ben Gibbs

Brief info

Hi. My name is Ben and I moved to Liverpool from Brighton. I decided to join the team here at The Chiro and Physio clinic after finishing my studies with a first-class masters in chiropractic from Bournemouth University. In my final year, I was chosen to work alongside Bournemouth FC chiropractors and physiotherapists, shadowing them and learning how they approach treating top-class athletes.

I have undertaken extra courses in western acupuncture, gait analysis, and extremity treatment and will be continuing to attend courses to keep my knowledge as up to date as possible. I use a variety of techniques such as manipulation, myofascial release techniques, western acupuncture and rehabilitative exercise. I believe that combining these techniques is the best way of getting patients back to 100%, and more importantly, keeping them there!

When I’m not working, I love playing football and golf or listening to music. I wrote my dissertation on low back pain in golfers and sports injuries, but I enjoy treating patients with a range of conditions.