Farah Ghaly


Hello, I’m Farah. I completed my MChiro certification from AECC in Bournemouth with a first class honours and happily moved to Liverpool to join The Chiro and Physio clinic team, a team who share my passion and dedication to help improve people’s lives. My time is divided equally between both the Wirral and Liverpool clinic enabling me to treat diverse patients, young and not so young, athletes, etc.

My athletic journey culminating in playing for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Women’s Football Team, was pivotal in my choice of study to become a chiropractor as the exposure to numerous health practitioners, injuries, and sport specific training made me aware of the benefits of a Chiropractor. It also opened my eyes to what care I would like to receive as a patient, helping me understand my patients’ needs and enabling me to provide better health care.

In addition to my degree, I have completed courses in kinesiology taping, sports taping, dry needling. I have also completed my Sports Trauma Management course be allowing me to provide pitch side care. I work as a team medic for Wirral RUFC’s first team after clinic hours and on Saturday’s for their games.

During treatment, I incorporate a variety of treatment modalities that range from spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, soft tissue work, dry needling, extremity manipulation, kinesiology taping, sports taping, to instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation and strength and rehabilitation, all specifically chosen for your presenting injury.

I believe that chiropractic plays a vital role in the improvement of one’s quality of life and that there is something that we can provide as chiropractors for everyone.

I derive happiness when I apply my knowledge to eliminate the barriers that stop people from achieving the most they can from their body, sport and posture and love to give my patients the tools and knowledge needed to empower themselves into feeling even better and achieving more. My passion for my profession is deepened daily when I see my patients improve and feel better.