Michael Carver

Brief info

Hi, I’m Mike and I’m originally from Bristol. I grew up playing as many different sports as I could and I was always interested in the training side of things and how the body can be conditioned to improve performance. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to being fit and functional than training hard, as I would learn the hard way through my teens. Having had help with my injuries from a Chiropractor, I knew that I wanted to help people in the same way.

I decided to study at the University of South Wales to achieve my masters degree in Chiropractic. During this time, I developed an interest in functional movement patterns and identifying weaknesses through these movements. I spent time working with local rugby teams, taping players for games and working with a chiropractor treating the players at training.

I have undertaken courses in dry needling, kinesio-tape, and functional movement training. I also use a variety of different soft-tissue techniques, manipulative therapy and rehab exercises. All of which are tailored to the individual, in order to achieve the best results.