Trudi Mercer

Brief info

I first decided I wanted to be a physiotherapist when I was 14 years old when I met a physiotherapist at my tennis club who gave me some really simple but effective advice. I was so impressed with her knowledge and realised I wanted to be able to give that to people day in day out as my job!

After graduating from Kings College London in 2014 with a BSc in Physiotherapy, I worked in London for 2 years until I was ready to return to the Wirral and specialise further in private practise and sports. Since then I have been attending regular courses and doing my best to better my practise to provide the best care I can.

This has led me to work with and medically manage various sports teams and athletes. I have been head physiotherapist at Caldy rugby club for 3 years, worked with dancers at Liverpool institute of performing arts (LIPA) since 2018, and recently started this year working with the Cheshire Pheonix Basketball team. These experiences have given me a good insight into the treatment and rehabilitation required to return people to their own sport or hobby no matter what level that may be.

I have a passion for helping people whether that’s learning to walk again or completing a marathon! Here at the Chiro and Physio clinic I work closely alongside the rest of the team and use various treatments such as sports massage, kinesio taping, acupuncture and many more to achieve the best results possible with my clients.