Physiotherapy Treatments


The physiotherapists at the Chiro and Physio Clinic are all hands on manual therapists. All specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. They will take the time to assess and strive to find the underlying cause to your pain or dysfunction. Similarly to the chiropractors, physiotherapists will use a number of treatment techniques including massage, muscle energy techniques, mobilisations and manipulation to mention a few and all physiotherapists have extensive experience in delivering exercises to aid in your rehabilitation.

The physio consultation is perfect if you are not sure about physiotherapy or whether your current symptoms are appropriate for physiotherapy treatment. This is a 15-minute discussion with the physiotherapist so that you can meet them face to face, in the clinic setting and ask them any questions that you have about your problem. They, in turn, can tell you what treatment would entail, how long it may take and also give you an idea as to how important your own management would be.

Sometimes it can be a little disconcerting going to meet someone new, in a new environment and going through an examination and treatment. This option gives you the opportunity to meet your practitioner and be happy with them prior to proceeding with treatment.

A good history is the key to both diagnosis and treatment and in 99% of cases, we can tell from a history whether or not your case is appropriate for physiotherapy care. If at the end of the consultation we are unsure, we would invite you for a full diagnosis as an examination would allow us to confirm this. If an examination confirms that physiotherapy treatment is not the best way to manage your case then we will appropriately advise you as to whom would provide you with that care. This may include referral letters to the appropriate practitioner for you, of course with your knowledge and agreement to do so.