Examination & Diagnosis

Examination & Diagnosis – £60 This session lasts 50-60 minutes and where appropriate includes your first treatment.  This first time you attend the clinic, this session is essential.  It is a legal requirement as it ensures you are provided with safe, appropriate and effective treatment.


Chiropractic Treatment – 20 mins – £38Chiropractic Review – 30 mins – £45. Physiotherapy Treatment – 30 mins. £40 Hour long treatment – £80 Treatment sessions last 20-30 minutes, double sessions last 50-60 minutes.  Your treatment will be tailored to you and be dependent on a number of factors including your individual symptoms, your age, build, previous injuries and of course your personal preference.


Consultation Session – £15

The Consultation is perfect if you are not sure about whether your current symptoms are appropriate for chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment.  This is a 15-20 minute discussion with your practitioner so that you can meet them face to face, in the clinic setting and ask them any questions that you have about your problem.

Telephone Consultation – free of charge ‘Alternatively we are happy to arrange a telephone consultation should you have any questions prior to booking your Diagnosis and Treatment. Please call reception who will be happy to arrange for a Practitioner to call you back at our earliest convenience. Wirral – 0151 648 5000 / Liverpool – 0151 427 5000

Specific Rehabilitation

Initial Assessment – 1 Hour – £45 Session – 30 mins – £25 Specific Rehabilitation Exercises are a key element of your progress.  These are one-to-one sessions with our Rehab Specialist.  Where you are weak, asymmetrical or lacking correct motor patterning, these achieve the results for you.  Not only will this assist in resolving your current symptoms, but it also protects you long term and minimises recurrence.


We offer Sports Massage within our clinics. Sports Massage – 30 mins – £30 Sports Massage – 1 hour – £50